Win premium domain names for FREE.

Yes, you read that right.

Our zero-risk lotteries provides a way for you to win premium domain names for as low as $0, while selling your premium domains for thousands, if not, millions of dollars.


Each domain listed on is sold in it‘s own lottery game created by seller. Winner is randomly chosen with verifyable random numbers to provide a fair game to every participents, which means no single entity can control who wins.

1 Seller lists his/her domain

Anyone can list their domain name on for free!

2 Users buy lottery tickets

Bettors place bet by buying tickets for the domain lottery.

3 Lottery game completes

Once lottery duration is over, seller draws the lottery and the winner is picked.

4 Seller sends domain name

Winner‘s contact email is shared with seller, Then seller contacts winner for initiating domain transfer.

5 Winner approves delivery

Once domain name is received, winner approves the delivery. Now, the lottery funds are released to seller.

Free from unstable market prices

All the transactions on happens on the blockchain with cryptocurrency with no middleman which means no skyrocketing commisions paid.

What about market volatility? Worry not! we enable transacitons on the xDai coin, it‘s value is always equal to $1. so if you have 100 xDai it‘s equal to ~100 USD at any point of time.

You own your money

All of your xDai coins are stored in Portis wallet. Portis is a non-custodial blockchain wallet, that means you keep hold of your private keys.

The wallet is independent from And you can move your coins from and to your portis wallet without any limitations.

Eventhough portis works with many crypto currencies, mainly deals with xDai coin to be safe from market volatility.

Free betting on lotteries

When you stake your xDai at, you get 15% APY on your deposit amount, with no lock period.


Deposit a principle amount to‘s staking.

Earn 15% APY

Earn 15% APY on your deposit compounded every day.

Bet with Yields

Buy tickets from the yield earned. Withdraw your principle amount anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

xDai is a cryptocurrency. It‘s value is always equal to ~1 USD reducing volatility and enabling predictable transactions.

Portis is a non-custodial blockchain wallet. It is used to send, receive and store your cryptocurrencies. Currenlty we support only portis wallet as it doesn‘t require any installation and make it easier for you to get started, soon we are working to support more blockchain wallets.

you can read more about portis wallet in their website

We make it a very easy for you to buy xDai coins within our website. Please click on ‘Buy/Sell xDai‘ link on the navigation menu and connect your wallet, if you haven't already.

Sign a message to link your wallet to MtPerelin (Third party service we have integrated to make purchases using fiat currencies hassel free and without KYC!) fill the form displayed and complete your transaction with the available payment options.

Converting your xDai into fiat currency is as easy as buying xDai on Click on 'Buy/Sell xDai' link on navigation menu in the header (Sign a message to link your wallet with MtPerelin). Switch to sell tab in the popup and follow the instructions.

Alernatively, You can send your xDai coins to Ascendex and withdraw as a fiat currency. You can contact our support if you need help withdrawing your xDai coins.

Note: All purchases and sales of your xDai coins are handled by MtPerelin

Guarantee amount for each lottery is the amount of xDai coin deposited by the seller. In case of any cancellation of the lottery, a winner is still picked and is rewarded with the guarantee amount. This is a promise by the seller to all participants, that a reward will be provided regardless of the successful completion of the particular lottery.

The lottery is cancelled (either voluntarily by the seller or the first person to withdraw their bet funds will trigger the cancellation) and guarantee amount is sent to a randomly picked winner. Any participants of the lottery can withdraw their funds after cancellation.

Once the lottery is drawn, a winner is picked and his/her email is revealed to the seller. The seller then contacts the winner via the email address to initiate domain transfer. Once the domain transfer is complete, the winner approves the delivery and funds are released to seller.

Staking your xDai coins on provides you with stable 15% APY. You can use that earned yield to bet on domain names or to just keep it in your wallet.